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Lazima - Turquoise Woven African Basket - Set of 3

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The Baskets

Set of 3 storage baskets in small, medium and large sizes. Baskets will be shipped nested within one another.

Sisal grass is hand-dyed in large vats and woven using traditional twining methods. 

The Artisans

The women behind the baskets have woven from a young age as this craft is passed down through grandmothers to mothers to daughters. 

Basket weaving provides flexible income during the dry seasons when subsistence farming becomes unsustainable. 

Material: Sisal

Dimensions (approximately):

S: 5" DIA x 5" H

M: 7.75" DIA x 7.75" H

L: 11.75" DIA x 11.75" H


Note: This is a handmade product and therefore dimensions and color may vary from the photographs. Each item is unique.