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Tonga Wall Baskets

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The Baskets

Tonga baskets are handwoven from ilala palm. Ilala palm is hand-dyed using natural dyes. Each basket takes several days to complete due to its extremely complex designs.  

Tonga baskets are beautifully hung on the wall, and/or used as a basket for fruits, jewelry, hand towels, etc.


The Artisans

Tonga baskets are created by the baTonga people of Zimbabwe. The rural Binga district in Zimbabwe is one of Zimbabwe's best-known basket weaving communities, and also home to the displaced baTonga people. Purchasing a wall platter basket supports the baTonga community, enabling many women to send their children to school for the first time. 


Material: Ilala Palm


Dimensions (approximately):

Small: 12" Wide

Medium: 13.4" Wide

Large: 15.5" Wide

Extra Large: 17.3" Wide


Due to this being a handmade product, dimensions may vary slightly.