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Tonga Baskets- Beautiful Woven Wall Art

Not all decorative art is created equal and truly can come from very unexpected places. Not many people would think that you could some old traditional handwoven baskets that would have been used to carry food and other things by women in parts Africa. However, that is exactly what is being done these days as people are now turning ordinary items into amazing wall decorations. One such item is Tonga Basket and due to the quality of craftsmanship and unique patterns.  


What is a Tonga Basket?

Tonga baskets are traditional handwoven baskets that are made by women in African nations like Zambia. The baskets were made by weaving together many leaves into large flat bottom containers. While each basket is unique, Tonga Baskets generally start with a  square-shaped bottom. The unique color patterns and designs of the handwoven bowls appeal to a wide range of decorators who use them as decorative wall hangings.

Today, the Tonga Baskets are not only made for traditional use, but they are also woven for export and the money is used by the women to feed and take care of their family.


How Are Tonga Baskets Made

Tonga Baskets gets their name from the part of the world that they originated from and the from the women who first introduced the world to the unique shape and construction of the Tonga baskets. Each and every basket is unique in coloring and design patterns that are created during the weaving process. The baskets are made by weaving the leaves of the Ilala Palm tree which is native to the Zambia, Africa area.

While these Tonga Baskets are frequently exported outside of Zambia, Africa, they serve a very important role for the Tongan people who use the unique, square-based handwoven baskets for carrying corn maize and sorghum from the fields. While all of the baskets start from a square, which would make them easier to carry, the extra-wide top and brim made them perfect for moving large quantities of produce from the fields.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Uses for Tonga Baskets

While the Tonga Baskets have been around since the 1980s, they are still made the exact same way by the Tonga women in the Southern Province of Africa known as Zambia. Now, instead of weaving only the baskets needed by the villagers in the area, the extra baskets are being sold at a local craft center. These baskets are also finding their ways to faraway lands.


Wall Decor

Tonga Baskets have found themselves being used in a much different way than they were originally intended. One of those ways is as part of a decorative wall design. Much like ancient artifacts have been used to decorate the walls of some of the most famous buildings, Tonga Baskets are being used by interior designers to decorate the inside of homes. The beautiful handwoven baskets have very ornate designs like a spider web, lightning streaks and also stripes. The designers will frequently put together elaborate designs with multiple baskets.


Accent Pieces

Tonga Baskets can also be placed standing up on end tables or laying out on a coffee table as an accent piece to enhance the room decor. The nice thing able the baskets they can be used both as decoration for the inside and for the outside as well.