9 Crochet Market Bags

For many people crocheting are passion and others simply use it as a way to pass the time while they are waiting for an appointment. Crocheting is one of the most popular crafting activity these days, with hundreds of thousands of people, are creating a wide range of products. One of the main reasons why people like crocheting is that they can easily make a wide range of useful products.


What are crochet market bags?


For many years most of the grocery stores around the country switched from the old style brown paper bag to a much more convenient plastic bag. These lightweight bags with built-in carrying handles make it really easy to carry your groceries from the car to the house really easy. These bags were made out of plastic so they were both lightweight and yet relatively strong. Unfortunately, it was discovered when you take a closer look, while the convenience is very easy to see, but the unintended consequences were not known right away. It turns out the plastic that is used to make these bags come from crude oil. That means, like many different types of plastic used in making products will not break down in the ground any time soon. As a matter of act according to experts, it will likely take more than 500-years for it to break down.


Recently, people started looking for alternative ways to carry the items that they buy when at the grocery store to avoid having to use plastic bags. This article was designed to help introduce the reader to a unique way to use crocheting to create your own customized carrying bag from yarn. We included some recommended patterns that can be used to make a wide range of great looking bags.


Problem with Plastic Grocery bags


There really is not much good to say about single-use plastic grocery bags. We decided to talk a little bit about 10 facts about these items that while there were seemingly good intentions when they were first developed years ago. However, the longer that they stick around, the obvious negative aspects become much more apparent. Below are 10 facts about them and you can make up your own mind about them.


10 Facts about single-use plastic grocery bags


Fact #1 America alone accounts for more than 100 billion of these plastic bags. To make that many bags it requires the use of 12 million barrels of crude oil to manufacture that many bags.


Fact #2 You can drive approximately one mile in your car with the amount of gas that can be made from the oil it takes to make just 14 of those single-use plastic bags.


Fact #3 On average an American family takes home 1500 of these plastic, single-use shopping bags every year.


Fact #4 Waste Management estimates that only about 1% of the single-use plastic bags end up being recycled every year. So, that means billions of those bags end up in landfills or become litter on the side of the road.


Fact #5 The oceans end up being the home to so much of this type of plastic. Despite the fact that 80% of the plastic trash that ends up in our oceans, actually came from land sources.


Fact #6 These plastics in the ocean are responsible for the harm to more than 267 species of animals found in the world’s oceans.


Fact #7 An even more horrific stat is that more than 100,000 marine animals have been killed each year thanks to plastics like single-use grocery bags that are dumped and end up in the oceans.


Fact #8 The Leatherback Sea Turtles have been especially hit hard by this problem with all of these plastic bags in water as 1 in 3 Leatherback Sea Turtles have been found to have one or more bags in their stomach’s.


Fact #9 The really sad part is that on average a single-use plastic grocery bag is used for a mere 12 minutes.


Fact #10 The worst part is that even after they begin degrading (500-years to degrade) the toxins that are released into the ground will stick around polluting everything that comes in contact.


Benefits of Using Crochet Market Bags


One of the primary benefits of using a crochet market bag to do your shopping is that it looks much more natural for you to be carrying it than a typical plastic grocery bag. These market bags can also be used for carrying other things when you are not doing your shopping. Crocheted market bags are also much stronger and can be used to carry much more than just groceries.


9 Crochet Market Bags


Crocheting is a very popular crafting activity that is enjoyed by people all over the world, both women and men have been known to participate in this type of activity. One of the primary reasons that it is so enjoyable is because you can use it to make a wide range of useful things to make your life easier and better. One of the current items that are being made by people from crocheting is reusable grocery/shopping bags. This is an attempt to cut down on the amount of single-use plastic grocery bags that are ending up in our landfills all across the country. Below we have included 9 very easy to follow crocheting patterns for making your own Crochet Market Bags.


Crochet Tote Bag Pattern - This pattern is perfect for the person who needs a very versatile shopping bag or handy beach tote bag. The pattern is really easy to follow and can be made with a number of color combinations.


Magnolia Market Bag - This easy to follow pattern is highly customizable for the person who is looking for a nice comfortable summertime bag for shopping. It can also be used to carry your crocheting supplies.


Sturdy Market Tote - This pattern is perfect for the trip to the farmer’s market when you need it to hold quite a bit of stuff. It is designed to make a bag that is sturdy enough to hold up to a day of shopping.


Asbury Tote - Is an easy to follow pattern for making a really nice looking bag that can be used for a number of different uses. Whether you are grocery shopping, a day at the beach or even just carrying your crocheting supplies.


Meet Me at the Market Crochet Grocery Bag - The light and airy pattern is perfect for making a bag that can be used for grocery shopping or even carrying around your crocheting supplies.


Milo Crochet Market Bag - This quick and easy pattern can easily be finished in a short period of time from just a couple hours to a day. It can be used for many different purposes including grocery shopping.


Easy Summer Tote - This bag was designed to be either a casual bag that can be worn out on the town or used for carrying groceries.


Pentagonal Mesh Market Bag - This good size bag was created to be used for several purposes including the beach or grocery store as it is very lightweight and rather sturdy.


Sinum Bag - This unique looking pattern includes stripes to help make it look cool. It is recommended that you use a more sturdy cotton yard when crocheting this bag to make it last longer.